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Refueling Your Tank

Life is so hectic and with the pervasive use of technology sometimes it feels that you just can't get a free minute to yourself. I ran across a note today that said,

"If you don't make time for your wellness you will be forced to make time for your illness." None of us want to be forced to deal with an illness so, lets make a pact to take care of our wellness.

I know, that is easier said than done. It all comes down to taking care of the most important person in your life, yourself. After all, if your tank is empty you don't have the energy to give to the other important people in your life. So, how do you find the time to tend to yourself? As they say, it takes 28 days to form a habit, so lets start by making a 28 day commitment to ourselves.

What do you enjoy doing? Do you sew, paint, write, read, walk, jog, dance, meditate, or garden? How about starting by making a commitment to spend 15 minutes a day doing one of those things that brings you joy, set a timer if you have to. Set an appointment with yourself on your daily calendar.

I started walking every morning since I began working from home during Covid-19. I get up, put on my workout clothes that I lay out each night and go for a walk first thing each morning. I usually spend 45 minutes walking in my neighborhood. I listen to the music I enjoy and observe the nature around me. It has been so good for my mental health during the pandemic not to mention my waist. I have been doing it consistently for over four months now. Last week I had to skip it one morning because of an early morning commitment. I felt a little off all day so that evening I asked my husband to watch over dinner that was cooking while I took a bike ride. I had really missed my alone time that morning and taking 15 minutes to ride my bike helped me reset.

So, how do you carve out time for yourself? For me, it has been easiest to put myself as the priority first thing in the morning. For you, it might be at the end of the day after kids have gone to bed. Maybe, it is even in the middle of the day during your lunch break. I used to drive to the nearby lake on my lunch break and dangle my feet in the water on hot summer days that were especially stressful. Basically, I washed away the stress. Maybe when you are waiting on your kids during their baseball practice you can take some time for yourself. My mom used to sit in the car and read magazines during my dance and piano lessons. Maybe that is a good time to call and catch up with a friend.

Sometimes, your tank needs filled to the top. At least once a year my dearest friends and I get away for a girls weekend. We leave spouses, children and worries behind and enjoy a long weekend reconnecting. We relax at a spa, reminisce, shop and indulge our taste buds with scrumptious food. Most of all, we enjoy each others company and refill our tanks. That time each year is precious to us all and we look forward to it every year.

I challenge you to carve out a little time for yourself each day. Do something you love that feeds your soul.

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