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Casualty of the Pandemic

13,749 Emails

My personal email inbox has been a casualty of the pandemic. Last week I had 13,749 emails in my inbox. I am tired of looking at the number, and things are moving to a new normal with more people getting vaccinated.

I took approximately 2 to 3 hours last week to clean out my inbox. No, I did not “Select All” and hit the Delete button.

First, I sorted by sender. I browsed through all my emails by sender and kept receipts, orders, medical records, poignant words of advice for life, and pictures from friends or family. I moved all of the emails I wanted to keep in an appropriate folder.

No looking back after that. I hit select all and DELETE!

What things did you hold onto during the pandemic? What things would you like to keep or let go of now that a new normal has clearly arrived?

Now my personal inbox hovers around 100 to 200 emails a day which I am committed to getting through on at least a weekly basis.

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