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Landing the Job of Your Dreams

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

5 Ways to Stand Out on Job Boards

With current unemployment rates, competition for available positions is high. You need to stand out.

Before I give you tips on what to do to stand out, let me share what recruiters see when they use job boards.

Recruiters use job boards two ways. One way is posting jobs for candidates to apply directly. The other way is accessing the resume database and searching for qualified candidates. Most resume databases are set up for recruiters to view resumes but not contact information. They are only able to contact candidates through the job board.

That is why these 5 ways to stand out are so important.

  1. Make sure the contact information on your resume is up to date. Remember this isn't visible to recruiters until you respond that you are interested in a job. It is amazing how often the phone number on resumes is incorrect or the email address is no longer used by a candidate.

  2. Keep job titles simple. Recruiters use key word searches to find candidates. Some companies are creative with job titles, but on your resume use the job title that is common for the industry. Recruiters aren't going to search for "cast member" when they need a store associate.

  3. Update your work history. How will a recruiter know that you have management experience if you haven't updated your resume since you started in an entry-level position? It might show you have longevity at a company but not that you have grown, taken on more responsibility and are ready for the next step in your career.

  4. Make sure your education level is correct. Recruiters often search for resumes that have certain certifications or diplomas. You don't want to be passed over because it appears that you didn't complete your degree. Besides, you worked hard for that piece of paper, flaunt it!

  5. Update your resume on the job boards often. Recruiters are searching for candidates that are available for a career change now. If you haven't signed into your account in 6 months you won't show up at the top of database searches. If you are seriously searching for a position sign in to your profile and update it weekly. That will keep you showing up at the top of database searches.

Now, go update your resume and land your dream job!

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