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Something That Scares You

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

We've all heard that phrase, "do something that scares you". But I am a nervous nelly, a worry wart, you know, the opposite of someone who wants to do something that scares them! This phrase makes my stomach churn. And here's the thing, when I have taken the risk, 99% of the time I have come out on the other side feeling great, accomplished, rewarded.

When my husband wanted me to accompany him in his new passion of off roading adventures, I was hesitant. It seemed like a risky activity. So I balked. I was busy doing other things. Instead, he took our kids.

While I was drumming up images of them upside-down on the side of a hill or at the very least, changing a flat tire, they were having the time of their lives! They returned with stories of rock crawling and helping guide dad through tough passages and the teamwork with friends in other vehicles. Of course, now I had FOMO.

So a couple weeks ago we made an impromptu trip to a nearby state park that has trails for off roading. I was a little nervous but I was not going to miss out again, so I brushed off the nervousness and off we went. It started off benign enough with some relatively rough roads but nothing too scary. I could do this! (I think my husband was trying to ease me into it by choosing a beginner trail). I enjoyed the day, the teamwork with family and friends when we did get into a tight spot and just spending time outdoors.

Two days later we were off again and this time I had zero hesitation! It was a beautiful day and I was ready to go! And go we did--over rocks, up hills, down hills, through streams. This trail was an intermediate trail and definitely had more scary moments but I was loving it. Who knew that I would become a fan of off roading? Well, I never would have known if I had let fear win and stayed home.

Let me be clear, my stomach still churns at the thought of something scary or risky, but the more I do something that scares me, I find that doors open and experiences unfold. This is why I now I allow myself to hesitate for a moment, take a deep breath but then say, "okay, let's go!"

You can follow some of our off roading adventures on Instagram @widowmaker_jk and next up, adventures with the @apocalander_jk

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