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Learning a new language ... at my age?

I have always wanted to learn another language ..even from a young age - but never really stuck with it. When I was growing up - we didn't have the access to learn a foreign language like we do now with all the free apps, etc . You either took it in school as an elective or went to the library and checked out tapes. I remember learning to count to 20 in Italian based on those tapes that I checked out from the library. I still remember how to this day

(but I do get it confused with Spanish a little since they are similar). Recently, I find that my memory is not as sharp as it once was. I could always remember names, phone numbers, birthdays, addresses, etc. I was like a walking Rolodex but now I can barely remember the name of the client I had an appointment with an hour ago. I try to tell myself that it is because we have such an influx of information being thrown at us all day that I just let go of the info I don't need to retain to make room for the important stuff. Yeah-- that is what I tell myself. I started watching a Netflix series a month or so ago ( Queen of the South- - you have to watch this if you haven't yet) and it renewed my interest in learning another language. It seems like I was picking up all the bad words really easy -lol. I have read that learning a new language helps keep your mind sharp so that is another reason I decided to give it a try. The final push was when my 10 year old son told me he wanted to learn Spanish next year when he starts 5th grade. He wants to take it as an elective. I thought this would be something fun for us to do together and he could get a jump start on his Spanish skills before school starts again in August. So we did it! We signed up with the DuoLingo app (my husband has been using that app for a couple of years now to learn Klingon-) so I knew we could at least get started for free. It's fun to speak to each other in Spanish around the house. We laugh when one of us says something wrong -- like using hombre instead of hablo . Who knows what we might accidentally say, but it's fun to learn it together. Every night now we say "Buenos Noches" when I tuck him in bed. I know it is simple but so sweet. I can't wait to learn more ! We are never too old to stop learning !

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