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"Like New" is the New "New"

I'm a sucker for good workout clothes. And since March of 2020, I pretty much live in my athletic wear. But good quality workout clothes come at a price and the gold standard for me is Lululemon. It can be a little bit of sticker shock when you check out at the store or online. And then come the justifications in your head--I need this pair of leggings, I deserve this pair of leggings, I'll stop buying Starbucks for a month, this pair of leggings will last me 5 years if I take care of them properly, so it's totally worth it! Okay, one of those is true. It really is great quality fabric and I have had many Lulu products for 5 years plus.

So when I read about Like New Lululemon, I practically fell out of my chair. It sounded too good to be true. In fact, I immediately texted my workout group who are also Lulu junkies and the comments were "Oh wow, is that for real?", "Seriously, is this for real?" and "Who is going to be the brave one (to order first)?" Well, I decided I would take one for the team.

I logged on to the website where I was able to read more about the program. This is a big sustainability effort for Lululemon. It is a trade-in program that right now is only available in Texas and California. They take like new or gently used Lulu, nothing with visible damage, and repurpose it for resale. And proceeds go back into their sustainability efforts. But if you don't live in those states (I do not) you can still benefit from purchasing the like new or gently used Lulu items online (which I did). This is right up my alley--reduce, reuse, recycle and Lululemon! I wish this was up and running this past Christmas when I convinced my family to do a second-hand Christmas (more on that in another post).

- And now for the reveal! I ordered three pairs of leggings and two tanks for a total of $225 plus tax and a standard shipping fee of $7. One pair of those leggings at retail would have been over $100. It took a week and a half from the time I ordered, to receive my products via FedEx. The clothing came in a very sustainable/recycled-looking package.

The items came individually packaged inside the main bag:

The clothing had no odor and was in great shape. I have already worked out in most of the products with zero issues. All items had the feel of the similar products I have bought brand new. The only difference is that Lulu has marked these as "Like New" in the label. I would assume that is to keep people from reselling them as brand new.

Overall, I am thrilled with my Like New Lululemon for the following reasons:

  • I have bought gently used Lululemon from other resale websites at much less of a discount, so this is a greater savings

  • I can find some of my favorite styles that were discontinued

  • I feel good about reducing waste and saving the planet

  • I don't have to hide the receipts from my often!

I will definitely be shopping this site again in the future.

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