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Magnetic Lashes

While there are not a lot of opportunities to get dressed up and go out in these days of Covid, it's still nice to get out of lounge wear and pretend we have had an invitation to a fabulous party! Kind of like playing dress up when we were kids. So the Fab 4 decided to try out magnetic lashes to add some glam to our dress up routine. We all ordered the Luxilla by Amazon 8D Magnetic Lashes

and here are our thoughts on the product:


Okay, first of all, I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I have three basic products in my arsenal and a few "special occasion" products. Most of this is due to time. I just can't be bothered to spend the time to put on a lot of makeup. However, I do enjoy someone else doing my makeup so few times that I have worn false eyelashes have been on trips with the Fab 4 when we go for makeovers. I always get inspired by the makeovers, buy lots of product and then rarely can I recreate what the makeup artist did! Enter false eyelashes. I loved the look, bought the lashes and then got glue everywhere, crooked lashes and a lot of frustration. Therefore, you can correctly imagine that I approached the idea of magnetic lashes with a healthy dose of skepticism.


Value - you receive 7 reusable sets of lashes, 2 bottles of eyeliner and a pair of tweezers for approximately $24.

Versatility - The lashes include both everyday wear styles and more glamorous styles for special events.

Quality - The lashes look and feel like high quality lashes.


Stickiness of Liner - After I applied the liner and before it was completely dry, it stuck to the top of my eyelid as I would blink or move my eye in anyway. I have read that some people take a cool blow-dryer to dry immediately after applying the liner. This may remedy the problem by expediting the drying process.

Weight of Lashes - I actually don't think the lashes themselves are as heavy as the feel of the eyeliner on your top lid. Granted, I don't wear lashes regularly, but in the times I have worn them before, I tend to forget I have them on because I get used to the feel. Not the same with the magnetic lashes. I was always aware of them.

Overall, I would recommend the lashes. I think the look, quality and value and ease of application make them a superior option to the traditional glue-on lashes. For me personally, I will stick to wearing lashes for special occasions, but now I know I can easily do it myself rather than spending the money on a professional makeover!


I wore the lashes two days in a row to work. I chose the more natural lashes in the set to wear. The first day they weren't especially comfortable. I found that the edges of the lash base poked my eyelids. I corrected that the second day. The first day putting the liquid eyeliner was messy. I usually go for crayon or pencil eyeliners, because I am notoriously a mess with liquid liner. So, having issues with it the first day wasn't a surprise. The choice is to either go with thinner lines and apply two layers or to apply a thicker line in the first place. I tried thinner lines the first day and went with a thicker line the second day. It was easier for me to apply a thicker line, but I did have to wait longer for it to dry before attaching the lashes.


Very Soft and Natural feeling - They feel much more real than any other faux lashes I have ever touched. They are actually softer then my own.

Easy to Place and Remove - The few times I have tried glued on lashes I felt like I was going to pull my eyelid off with them when I removed them. A little tug with the tweezers that are included in the set and they are off, yet they don't feel like they will fall off on their own.


Poking Edges - The lash line was a bit long for my eyes, so the edges poked me all day and were irritating. Before wearing them the second day I took a pair of scissors and trimmed a little off each end of the lash base. That did the trick and they were much more comfortable the second day.

Eyeliner is Tough to Remove - What keeps the lashes attached is also a bear to remove. It took twice as much eye-makeup remover and patience to get the liner off.

Liquid Eyeliner is Messy - People that regularly use liquid liner probably would not have an issue using the liquid liner, but I am not that person. If it came in a pencil version it would be much easier to use.

Overall, I really liked the way the lashes looked and felt. After I trimmed them, I forgot I was wearing them. I even got a compliment on my lashes during a Zoom meeting. It wasn't a work meeting, that might have been awkward.

They are a great value since there are seven sets included that can be reused and two tubes of eyeliner for less than one application by a professional. I haven't tried on the more glamorous lashes in the set yet, but I am anxious for an occasion to use them, but aren't we all.


I love false eyelashes but usually only wear them once or twice a year. On the occasions I have worn false lashes I have opted to have someone else apply them. Applying false lashes is not my area of expertise and has always seemed too complicated or time-consuming. I opted to put the magnetic eyelashes on myself and I wore the lashes two times - several days apart. The first time I wore the lashes I did not find them to be comfortable which could have been just due to applying the lashes for the first time. The placement of liquid liner and aligning the lashes is key. The more you wear the eyelashes the easier it becomes to align the lashes correctly. The second time I wore the lashes they were a lot more comfortable, not heavy or poky, and I wore them for approximately 6 hours. I did notice that the ends of the eyelashes did start to pop up, not stay down, for the full six hours which is a problem I had with false eyelashes applied with glue as well.


Good Price Point – You receive 7 pairs of lashes plus two liquid liners and a set of tweezers.

Daily Wear Potential – These lashes could be part of your daily look with minimal application time. These magnetic lashes are easier to apply than lashes applied with glue and I believe the more you wear them the better you get at the application process


Liquid Eyeliner - The liquid eyeliner is not the easiest to remove when you are taking the lashes off or if you cannot draw a straight line and need to fix your mistake. Luxillia recommends an oil based makeup remover or coconut oil to remove the eyeliner.

I liked the lashes and would consider wearing them daily. Luxillia has made a product that takes the struggle out of applying false lashes and can add glam to your daily look.


I am pretty much a novice when it comes to lashes. I love the look of them but rarely have an occasion to wear them. Honestly, I have only worn them on our Girls Weekend trips or Halloween. I am intrigued by them but never take the time to mess with them. My husband usually doesn’t like it when I put on eyelashes on so why bother, but this time, he complimented me on them. I tried them twice. The first time I tried them I wore them for about 6 hours. They felt a little heavy but nothing crazy. I chalked it up to nothing more than not being used to wearing lashes. Putting them on was easy enough. The liner was a little difficult and it had a tinge of a plastic smell. Nothing horrible, but I noticed it. I am sensitive to smells though so maybe no one else would notice. The liner was also quite hard to get off. I really had to tug and pull to get it to come off. The next morning my eyes were red where the liner was. The ease of applying the lashes was excellent. Even with my inexperience I was able to get them on rather quickly which would make wearing them to work daily an option. The second time – I noticed the same things. I didn’t smell the liner this time so maybe that was just the “new” smell from opening the bottle for the first time. I still felt the lashes and this time I put mascara on my real lashes first to hide them better. I felt like I could see mine the first time. Again, probably the result of not having a lot of experience with putting them on. Overall, I feel that I got a bargain and the ease of using these may result in my wearing lashes more often.


Affordability – Definitely a good deal! I was pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of the lashes for this price. One pair of lashes or tweezers alone would normally cost $25.00.

Natural Looking Appearance – I liked the fact that the lashes looked like they could be real. My husband doesn’t like me to wear a lot of makeup and is hard to impress so for him to say he liked them must mean they looked natural but not overly done.


Liquid Eyeliner – I didn’t like the fact that I really had to rub and tug on my eyelids to remove the liner. Next time I wear them I will try more of an oil-based remover, such as Dermalogica’s Precleanse balm. Also, it might be nice to have a clear liner instead of black. This was really my only negative about the product.

Overall, I would buy these lashes again! I also liked the fact that we were supporting a small business. The lashes are handmade with love according to the card sent with the box - they are appreciative of your purchase and if you are unsatisfied with your purchase they want a chance to make it right. Sounds like they care about their customers !

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