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A miracle mist...?

It is that time of the year again when the weather air gets dry and harsh. My skin tends to quickly lose all moisture and becomes inflamed , tight and raw feeling after a few months of the winter cold temps. All the humidity leaves our home and the battle starts---trying to keep my skin soft and moisturized without feeling greasy and sticky. I do not like using heavy creams on my face as I tend to break out. Yes, even in my forties, I get the occasional breakout. Hormones are great, huh? I stumbled upon this product a few years ago while visiting SPA LUX. The esthetician recommended this product for me. She told me that Neem was very healing and suggested I try the toner. They have other products also that I have not tried yet, but probably will at some point. My 24 year old son is also a big fan. Every winter he asks me to pick up the "miracle tonic" for him. I used to always swing by the spa and pick it up, but you can buy it on Amazon as they carry it or visit the SUNDARI website. The first time you order, you might want to order from the company website so that you can sign up for their emails and get 15% off. Either way, I strongly encourage you to visit their website to read up on the products . This line has very pretty packaging also and right now you can order a beauty bag for $80 containing full size products and a free embroidered beauty bag

( so pretty~ ).

In the past, I didn't use it everyday. Recently, I have started incorporating it as my everyday toner and have been getting compliments on my skin at work. That is the only thing I can think of that I am doing differently. I usually just use it as a facial refresher to calm down my inflamed and raw skin when I haven't been drinking enough water and the lack of moisture in the winter air takes its toll. The Sundari website lists its key ingredients as Neem Extract, Aloe Vera Juice and Green Tea Extract. It boasts that Neem is the "pharmacy tree of India". Neem contains organic sulfur, an essential building block of collagen, with antiseptic qualities. Aloe is effective in soothing the skin and reducing inflammation. Its healing properties include sunburn relief, acne control and wrinkle treatment. Green tea is an anti-oxidant, rich in Polyphenol, which inhibits the enzyme collagenase, from breaking down the skinÕs collagen (whatever that means). It also reduces irritation, redness and calms acne.

Full Ingredient List:

water, aloe barbadensis extract, allantoin, phenoxyethanol, caprylyl glycol, peg-40 hydrogenate castor oil, citrus aurantium bergamia (bergamot) fruit oil, citrus limon peel oil, parfum, melia azadirachta extract, camellia oleifera (green tea) extract, copper pca, copper sulfate, propylene glycol


To use as a facial freshener, spray 8-10 inches away from face for a wonderful pick-me-up during the day. It has a light , pleasant refreshing scent. To use as toner, moisten cotton ball with tonic water, wipe over face to remove impurities.

I like their philosophy --

"sundãri is created from the purest ingredients and the most-rare essences distilled from nature. Introducing the ingredients of aging well. It’s a conscious choice to use certain ingredients. Beauty in balance means that growing older is not something to be feared but embraced. What is to be prevented is pre-mature aging and stresses to the skin and body. Formulated with organic ingredients, the elements of aging gracefully are intrinsic to our products.

sundãri subscribes to the philosophy of what is good for the skin should also be good for our planet Made with care, sustainable. Products do not contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, parabens, and mineral oils. Naturally occurring essential oils create the sensual bouquets of scent. The packaging is recyclable with the intent of minimizing our footprint on nature. Our products are never tested on animals."

I would love to hear your feedback if you try this toner or any other product in the line. I hope you get the same benefits from using it that my son and I do !


xoxo ~ jenn

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