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Banishing Wrinkles

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I am a notorious side sleeper and had recently noticed fine lines in my décolleté area that were not going away. I really wanted these sleep or aging wrinkles to Go Away. I tried a few minimal, low cost ways to achieve this with no results until I tried the Apricot Décolleté Pad.

If you have noticed the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles on your chest area try out an Apricot Décolleté Pad.

This pad is made of medical grade silicone, recommended use is daily, you should wash occasionally with soap and water, and each pad is good for 30 days.

Once I received the pad, I opted to use the pad overnight. It is recommended that you wear the pad daily for at least an hour daily or overnight. I have primarily worn the pad overnight and occasionally in the early morning for a few hours. I noticed results after wearing the pad once overnight. After each use I washed the pad, put it away in the original packaging it arrived in, and used it again the next day for continued diminishing of wrinkles. This has been a simple and effective addition to my daily/nightly routine.

My chest wrinkles diminished after using the Apricot Décolleté Pad one time and with daily use I am not seeing the wrinkles I once had. I plan to continue using the pad to nourish my skin and keep the wrinkles away. With such great results I am interested in other products they offer for the eyes, face, and neck as well.

You can purchase the Apricot Décolleté Pad at or

A one-time purchase of the Apricot Décolleté Pad is approximately $38.00 excluding tax or shipping and if you opt for a monthly delivery the price is reduced by 10 to 15 percent.

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