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Designer Clothes on a Budget

You can own designer clothes without breaking your bank account.

I am not a designer snob. In other words, it doesn't have to have a name on it for me to wear it. In fact, if the brand is plastered all over it, I won't buy or wear it. I don't want to be a billboard for a brand. Sorry, Louis Vuitton lovers.

I do, however, like good quality clothes, purses and shoes. Designer brands do tend to be made with higher quality materials and more expert stitching. Part of the reason they cost more is that quality and they will last longer if taken care of. I typically can spot a designer brand just by feeling the material. I am willing to invest in a quality purse, shoe, suit, etc...if I know I will get my moneys worth out of using it.

So, how can you afford designer pieces? This is where savvy shopping comes in to play.

Some people like to shop outlet stores. This is a good way to get designer pieces at a discount, but you need to know the truth about outlet stores. The items sold in the outlet stores are not the same items that are sold in the flagship stores. They are typically a cheaper version made specifically to be sold at the outlet stores. Many brands add three dots under the brand label inside the garment. They way you cancel, the outlet version from the flagship. Outlets can still be a good way to get new brand name items at a discount.

The other ways of scoring designer items involves being willing to buy secondhand. I am not afraid to do this. I grew up with hand-me-downs and thrift store shopping. I'm pretty sure I would have been naked in high school without these options. I thrift shopped before it became the cool sustainable option that it is today.

Online sites are another way to afford designer pieces at a discount. Three very popular sites are Poshmark, ThreadUp and TheRealReal. All of these sites sell used items on consignment or by the individual owner. While this is a great way to pick up pieces for your wardrobe at a discount, I prefer to try things on before I buy them. Also, you will pay shipping on what you buy.

My favorite way to afford designer clothes is to find them at my favorite high end thrift store. Sometimes it takes some shopping around to find the stores in your area that cater to having these items, but it is well worth the "research". My favorite store is run by a woman's organization so all of the funds generated are put back into community projects in my city and I don't have to pay sales tax or shipping. That is a purchase I can feel really great about!

Today, I am wearing black glitter Keds by Kate Spade. They are listed for $84.95 on Keds website and for $60 on Poshmark. I scored them for $15! That is an 82% discount off retail. I'm sure I will get my $15 worth out of wearing them.

I love shopping at this store, every trip is a treasure hunt!

Do you have any tricks to scoring designer clothes?

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