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It’s Time for a Style Change

It is officially Autumn. That means it is the time of year to dress for winter in the morning and summer in the afternoon! In a few days we will be back to temperatures in the 80s followed by the 40s a few days later. It is all about layering from here on out.

As crazy and unpredictable as the weather is, I still love this time of year. I feel like I get a new wardrobe as I switch out my closet. I’m lucky to have a nice sized walk-in closet to myself. On the top shelf, which I can’t reach without a step stool anyway, I keep totes of my off season clothes.

It is a little bit like getting to see old friends when I unpack them. It is also a great time to re-evaluate whether these old friends still deserve a place in my life.

I don’t hold it and ask if it brings me joy, but I do ask myself a few questions as I pull out each item.

  1. Does it still fit? I know I’m not the only one who sometimes fluctuates sizes between seasons.

  2. Do I still like it? What was cute last year might not be now.

  3. How much did I wear it last year? It's amazing how many items were only worn once last year but I didn't bring myself to weeding them out when I packed them up in the Spring.

  4. Is it still in good shape? Granted I should have evaluated this before storing it all summer, but I might not have noticed in my haste of packing it away.

  5. Is it still in style? I tend toward classic looks rather than following the fads but styles still change year to year.

  6. Do I have multiple items that fill the same purpose? Which of them do I like best? Case in point, I pulled out six pullover black sweaters out of the totes this year. A cowl neck, boat neck, V-necks and hoodies. I cut the number in half choosing to keep a V-neck, a cowl neck and a hoodie. I feel those are the more flattering necklines on me anyway.

  7. Do I have other things to wear with it? We have all done it, bought something that was on sale only to find we didn’t have anything to wear it with. It might even still have the price tags on it.

Items that don’t make the cut get donated. There are 3 thrift stores I donate to. If it’s in great shape and a higher end brand, especially work clothes, they go to the thrift store run by the local Junior League. The funds generated all go back into local community projects that support women and children. The next level items go to my local Disabled American Veterans (DAV) store. The clothes that I otherwise might throw away go to Big Brothers Big Sisters. They have a great recycling program where I live so it keeps it out of the landfills and the funds go back into the local community as well.

Now that I have kept my favorite pieces from last year's winter wardrobe I can decide what pieces to add to make sure I am comfortable, warm and stylish this season.

What pieces do you plan to add to your wardrobe this fall?

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