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Joggers -- The New Standard in Leisureware?

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Has anyone else noticed joggers taking over the leisureware category? This is a trend I had chosen to ignore since I thought "jogger" was just a new term for sweatpants or athletic pants. But with the new normal of working from home in 2020, I have found less of a need for smart, office appropriate clothes and more of a need for comfy, casual clothes. So when I continued to get inundated with emails from retailers highlighting joggers, I decided to finally jump on board and see what the trend was all about.

The first pair I ordered were from my go to in athletic wear--Lululemon. I chose the Wanderer Cropped Jogger primarily because they were on sale and I wasn't sure I would be sold on the trend. To be honest, when I first pulled them out of the packaging I thought they looked a little like clown pants! But the material was soft and stretchy while managing to maintain a lightweight athletic feel. The overall fit was great and I loved the mid rise waist. As someone who is vertically challenged, the crop hit me right at the ankle so it wears more like a full length jogger on me. The vertical lines on the front of the pants give them an almost dressy feel. You could easily pair these with a nice top and even heels, if you felt so inclined.

My only complaint against them would be that the crotch area is a little too baggy. But, it's easy to fold over the mid rise waist band to remedy this issue if it bothers you.

Overall, these joggers are versatile enough to lounge in comfortably at home, to wear while running errands around town or even to dress up for dinner. I would say that's a win/win/win!

I was on a "jogger high" after the first successful purchase, so when I received an email from Athleta promoting these Salutation Camo Joggers, I couldn't resist. And the camo print was just a bonus as I am fully on board with this trend. When these pants arrived, I immediately fell in love with the material. It is so soft and cozy and has none of the athletic feel the Lululemon pants have. These are definitely for curling up with book or a cup of tea in your favorite chair at home. I ordered the petite length and they fit me as a full length jogger with no extra bagginess. The wide high rise waist band is nice for tummy control. They are also pretty lightweight so perfect for those warmer fall days. I really love these joggers! If there were any downside, I would say that, for me, these fall into more of the lounging category vs all about town category. Which is a shame, because the print is so adorable. But you'd better believe I'm wearing these any chance I think I can get away with the lounging look!

This is just a drop in the bucket of all the jogger options out there right now. I have been pleasantly surprised with my purchases and plan to add a couple more to my wardrobe as we roll into at least a few more months of remote work and school.

How has your experience been with the jogger trend?

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