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Mask-Escapade 2020

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

2020 really has not been the best year. COVID-19 caused a pandemic that has gripped our nation and the world bringing about unexpected challenges never to have been encountered in our lifetime. Toilet paper was a hot commodity item, people argued about where COVID-19 came from and still do, and mask wearing has been mandated to protect others and possibly yourself from spreading highly contagious COVID-19.

I am not here to debate mask wearing. Wear a mask if not for yourself at least for others you encounter, smile, and enjoy life.

2020 Mask Style Tips

o You don’t have to worry about makeup because who can really see it while you have a mask on and if you by chance continuously take the mask off you take the makeup off your nose. If you are like me that means you will resemble a red-nosed clown.

o Pay attention to your eyes. Bling up one of the few features of your face everyone can still see. Let your eyes and well-defined eyebrows be your smile or frown to the world.

o I have lost count of the number of times I have heard I love or like your mask. Make a statement with your mask of choice. Masks are now a 2020 statement. You can coordinate your mask to enhance your outfit, support your sports team, advertise a particular theme, political group, or character as well as show someone a smile – maybe just not your smile.

Embrace the latest accessory to your outfit. What will your mask style be for the day?

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